Complete the Rental Application below. If there is more than one Leaseholder or a Co-signer being added to the lease, please submit an additional application and in the "Comments" box specify the primary applicant's name.


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UPON APPROVAL OF THIS APPLICATION, APPLICANT WILL NOTIFIED AND WILL BE GIVEN 48 HOURS TO PROVIDE THE D BOYS, LLC dba PHILAMER APARTMENTS WITH A SECURITY DEPOSIT IN THE AMOUNT SPECIFIED BY THE LANDLORD. THIS SECURITY DEPOSIT WILL SECURE THE RENTAL FOR THE APPLICANT UNTIL THE LEASE BEGINS AND RESIDENT ASSUMES POSSESSION OF THE RENTAL. If your apartment is held for less than 2 weeks and cancelled, there will be a $50.00 fee.  If you cancel anytime after 2 weeks, there will be a $150.00 fee.  If you cancel the day before or the day of your move-in date, your security deposit will not be refunded.  We have 30 days to refund any security deposits that are held with us.